Is Honduras safe?
Honduras has been in the news a lot lately, and little of it has been positive. Especially reports of violence in Honduras scare a lot of people off. That’s unfortunate, because Honduras is a country with incredible natural beauty, great culture and people. Violence and delinquency are undeniable problems in Honduras. However, the wave of violence that has been passing throughout the country is mostly gang and drugs related and very much restricted to certain areas of the big cities, but not directed towards tourists. Although no guarantee for complete safety can be given (as is impossible for any place on earth), we have never had any problems whatsoever and never take any risks or any actions that would place our clients in danger. We recommend taking the normal precautions as you should take anywhere: avoid certain places (especially late at night), don’t show around big wads of cash or expensive jewellery and follow the instructions of your experienced guide.
Especially the main attractions of Honduras such as Copán Ruinas and the Bay Islands are considered to be quiet and safe.

What does the price of a trip include?
The price of your trip depends entirely on the package of your preference. Generally, it includes transportation, guide service and entrance fees to archaeological sites and national parks. We normally make reservations at hotels for our clients, according to their preference and budget. If you like, we can include accommodation and meals in the package.

What isn't included in the price of a trip?
Not included are international airport taxes and flights, visas, personal travel insurance, and tips. Whether meals and accommodation are included depends on your preference.

What will I need to bring?
Honduras is a tropical country, so bring clothes suited for hot weather and protection for the rain when travelling during the rainy season (May – September). A flashlight can come in handy for the occasional blackouts. Bug spray and sun screen can be bought at local pharmacies, but maybe not of your favorite brand. In most tourist destinations you can find WiFi or Internet cafés and hotels usually have an outlet to charge your phone or computer. You’re required by law to have a valid ID on you at all times.

Do we have to stick to the itinerary?
The itinerary is designed to prepare you for your trip, but can be changed at any moment if desired, although please keep in mind that an additional cost might be charged or that changes can’t be made due to the long distances that need to be travelled or other inconveniencies. Although our intention is to stick to the itinerary, flexibility is a keyword in our enterprise and we’ll do anything to accommodate your wishes.

Are your tours insured?
For logistic reasons, we can not provide personal travel insurance, but our vehicles are insured, including a compensation per passenger in case of an accident. We recommend that you get your own personal travel insurance in the country of your origin.

How can I pay for my trip?
We require an advance 50% deposit for any reservations. Please contact us by email or phone for details.

Do I need immunizations?
The only required vaccine for Honduras is the one for yellow fever, but only if you’re arriving in the country from a yellow-fever–infected country in Africa or South America. However, a number of vaccines are recommended such as Tetanus, Hepatitis A etc.

For detailed information on health issues: Lonely Planet 

Do I need a Visa to enter Central America?
Citizens of the United States, Canada, most European countries, Australia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand normally receive 90-day tourist cards when entering the country. A yellow slip of paper will be stapled or folded into your passport – don’t lose it, as you’ll have to turn it in when you leave, or get it stamped if you extend your stay. You can extend your stay once for another 90 days. After that, you’ll be required to leave the so called CA4 countries (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua) for at least 72 hours.

For questions, information or inquiries, please contact us at: info@hondurasrealexpeditions.com or call: (504) 9620-0372