Honduras has much to offer to any visitor, but it’s little known that Honduras is truly a birder’s paradise… It has the largest percentage of forest covered land in Central America with a wide variety of ecosystems and is home to over 725 bird species. There are many protected areas that are well worth visiting and we are happy to take you there! Here just a few of the options…
Copán Ruinas
Copán Ruinas is a “must see” for whoever travels to Central America. The majestic remains of Maya culture at the Archaeological Site Copán will be a highlight of your trip, but Copán Ruinas has also much more to offer… Whether you want to visit an authentic village of the living Maya Chortí, go horseback riding through the mountains or visit a coffee farm, Copán Ruinas offers you plenty activities for a 2 or 3 day stay. The quiet town of Copán Ruinas with its cobble stoned streets is a great place just to hang out or shop for souvenirs. Bird watching hikes can be arranged, as well as a visit to the spectacular Macaw Mountain Bird Park or Butterfly Farm. If you want to indulge yourself, book a visit to the Hot Springs or a Spa for an authentic Maya steam bath, massage or just relaxation. Copán Ruinas has no less than three museums on Maya culture, one of them Casa K’inich, especially designed for children, but also very entertaining and interesting for adults. A visit to local artists and artisans can be part of the program, as well as a visit to rural schools or a variety of community projects. 

Bird lovers will be thrilled to see the flock of scarlet macaws flying freely over the archaeological site and the entire  Copán Valley. Some of these macaws were born at the site, others the result of the Macaws in Freedom, a reproduction and preservation program by the Macaw Mountain Birdpark and the Copán Asociation. 

A visit -or better, an overnight stay- at the one-hundred-year-old Hacienda San Lucas is also highly recommended. This magical B&B high up in the Copán mountains and overlooking the ancient Maya archaeological site, is the perfect place for total relaxation, as well as an excellent spot for bird watching. You might find yourself in the company of some scarlet macaws coming over for breakfast!

Bay Islands
The Bay Islands (Roatan, Utila, Guanaja and Cayos Cochinos) are wonderful destinations if you want to go scuba diving, snorkelling, hiking on just relaxing at the pristine beaches of these Caribbean islands. Utila is great for diving, Roatan has it all and Guanaja is there for those whop want complete relaxation away from the world. And if you want to be all by yourself on a tropical island, explore the many opportunities Cayos Cochinos have to offer…

National Parks worth visiting…
La Tigra National Park, at the outskirts of the capital Tegucigalpa, is a protected cloud forest, home to over 170 species, including the Resplendent Quetzal.

Pico Bonito National Park at the North Coast is a terrific destination for birding with platforms that offer excellent views.

Lake Yojoa is another great destination for birders. Cerro Azul Meambar is easily accessible and is home to over 500 bird species. PanacamLodge is a great place to stay and its grounds are home to many bird species.


Guatemala is outstanding for its great variety in cultural and natural richness. On our tours we’ll visit volcanic lakes, lush jungle, high mountains, active volcanoes, a strong living Maya culture, colonial towns and many archaeological sites that make a visit to Guatemala unforgettable. 

Of course, Guatemala also makes an excellent birding destination. 
There’s Finca El Pilar at a short distance of the colonial town of Antigua Guatemala. A perfect destination for a day trip! You’ll ge to see plenty of birds while exploring coffee plantations as well as a cloud forest. 

Besides being one of the main archeological sites of Guatemala, Tikal is also an excellent spot for bird watching with over 400 species!

Biotopo del Quetzal is a protected area founded that covers 1,150 hectares of primary cloud forest at 1,500-2,300 m (4,920-7,545 ft). Chilly, but a spectacular place for birding!

El Salvador
This small country is not the most famous tourist attraction, but well worth visiting. It offers several archaeological sites, gorgeous colonial towns, great architecture and lush and beautiful nature.

Another of our destinations is Nicaragua, a fascinating country with its volcanoes, ancient colonial towns and a more recent history of revolution. Beautiful, intriguing and fascinating, a country well worth visiting!
Honduras Real Expeditions will be happy to prepare you the trip of your dreams, according to your own interests and budget. Just let us know where you want t go, what you want to do ad we'll take you there! 

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