Collaborating with Community Projects
Despite the richness in natural resources and indigenous cultures, Central America still faces many problems. A great part of the population lives in poverty and natural reserves are under constant threat. Honduras Real Expeditions promotes a sustainable tourism, attempting to make as low an impact on the environment and local culture as possible, while generating alternative sources of income for local people. Our goal is to offer a positive experience for visitors and local people alike.
Many of our clients are more than willing to collaborate with the communities they visit and there are different ways of doing so, from volunteering your service to donating money or supplies. We at Honduras Real Expeditions are more than happy to put you in contact with a community project of your liking or set up a visit to an educational center. Please keep in mind that if you want to donate materials (school supplies, tools, medicine etc.), it is often cheaper and easier to buy those in the country you’re visiting (rather than bringing them down) and that way you’ll be helping local economy at the same time! 
Students in Santa Cruz (Copán Ruinas, Honduras) decorating their own personal water bottle

Going as Green as Possible!
Although traveling is not always as eco-friendly as we’d like, we try to promote ecotourism as much as we can by supporting environmental friendly initiatives;  offering accommodation in eco-lodges; and buying products locally, directly from the source. There are many ways our clients can help too: instead of buying a new bottle of purified water every day, you can go for a refill. Bring a small shopping back instead of accepting a plastic bag for each purchase. Bring a recharger for batteries or, if you use disposable ones, take them back home where they can be recycled. Also, instead of buying imported bottled drinks or prepacked food, eat and drink as the locals do and try some new flavors! The smaller the imprint we’ll leave on this planet, the better!

Nature Reserve Cuero y Salado, La Ceiba, Honduras

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