Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Extreme Canopy in Honduras!

It’s a small village, but quite famous in Honduras, La Campa, founded in 1582. It’s located in the department of Lempira, close to Gracias and its indigenous people are mostly of Lenca descent. Besides its coffee, and colonial architecture, La Campa is mainly famous for its red-glazed pottery production. But besides a picturesque church and fantastic surroundings, La Campa has now a new attraction: Extreme Canopy! It’s the highest in Central America and not for the fainthearted! The canopy starts up hill with a zip line crossing the canyon at a height of 300m from the ground. There are six zip lines in total, up to 1km long. The adventure ends in La Campa itself. The staff is friendly, the new equipment of excellent quality and the experience unforgettable… Getting itchy? Let us know and Honduras Real Expeditions will get you there!