Monday, 4 July 2016

The Magnificent Murals of Bonampak

For those who are interested in Maya culture, don’t miss out on Bonampak!
Bonampak is an archaeological site in the Mexican state of Chiapas. The site is not one of the biggest, nor the most interesting in architectural sense, but renowned for its splendid and well preserved murals inside the three rooms of Structure 1, better known as the Temple of the Murals. The discovery of the mural (by non-Mayas that is, in 1946) shook the world of the Maya scholars because it debunked the popular theory at the time that the Maya were a peaceful people. The murals however depict war and human sacrifice.
The first room depicts a scene of a regal event: the acknowledgement, in front of the court and visiting dignitaries. In room 2 you can see a great battle scene with no less than 139 figures. Room 3 shows the scene of ritual celebration for victory in battle, including bloodletting by nobles, and contains 65 human figures.
Bonampak lies a bit off the tourists´ trail because of its remote location but, Honduras Real Expeditions will gladly take you there!