Monday, 20 June 2016

Is it a bat...???

Is it a bat…??? Is it a bird…??? Yes, it’s a Nightjar! Those little birds of the Caprimulgidae family are night creatures that feed on insects. You can often see them fluttering at night in the spotlights over sport fields or urban lampposts, feasting on insects that are attracted to the light. 
The nightjar nestles on the ground, has very short legs of little use for walking and a short but wide bill that allows it to scoop up insects easily. It’s a common bird in Central America, although hard to observe during the day due to its colors that resembles bark or leaves.

The Nightjar is just one of over 800 species of birds in Central America, a spectacular destination for bird watching. Honduras Real Expeditions offers trips to wildlife reserves throughout Central America for the best bird watching. We’ll prepare you a personalized tour according to your preference; just contact us for more information!