Monday, 4 January 2016

Living with an Active Volcano

The Fuego Volcano at the outskirts of Antigua Guatemala is in the news yet again. The active strato volcano is constantly erupting ashes and lava these days, an impressive sight both at night, when a long stream of lava is clearly visible, or during the day when gigantic plumes of grey smoke reach out to the skies. Although warnings have been issued, no evacuations have been necessary so far.
The last time when the Fuego Volcano was this active was on February 8, last year, when a thick layer of ashes covered the colonial town of Antigua. The volcano has been pretty active in general since 2012. Before that year, the last serious eruption was in 1974.
The people of Antigua and the small villages surrounding the volcano are much aware of the activity, but don’t seem to be too bothered. The presence of an active volcano is just a part of Guatemalan life.