Sunday, 28 September 2014

Honduras’ First Rail Museum

Photo is Property of the Progreso Rail Museum

Although cars and buses have long since taken over most of transportation in Honduras, there was a time that the railroads were some of the most important means of transportation. Railroads in Honduras were built in late 19th and early 20th centuries by two competing U.S. corporations - United Fruit (Tela Railroad Company) and Standard Fruit (later nationalized). All were in the Caribbean coastal area and never reached the capital. In 1993, the combined network had 785 km. At present only three separate segments remain in operation under the management of FNH - Ferrocarril Nacional de Honduras, for freight trains and tourist transportation only.

In El Progreso (less than half an hour drive from San Pedro Sula) you’ll find Honduras’ one and only Rail Museum. Besides many old locomotives and wagons, there’s plenty more to enjoy: games for kids and old photographs that give you a rare glimpse into the times now long gone. Definitely worth a visit!