Tuesday, 20 May 2014

San Pedro Sula traffic in the old days...

A rare view of downtown San Pedro Sula in this Volkswagen ad from the late sixties. The ad reads as follows:

In Honduras, gasoline costs 52 cents a gallon.

And the temperatures soar to 120 above.
And water is scarce.
And the roads are wicked.
And people aren’t rich.
So is it any wonder that in a town like San Pedro Sula, Honduras, 100% of the taxis are Volkswagen taxis? And 100% of the buses are Volkswagen buses?
“1839 dólares. 26 millas por galón. No agua.”

A Volkswagen makes as much sense in Spanish as it does in English.

Unfortunately for Volkswagen, these days it’s mostly Toyotas that roam the streets of San Pedro Sula…