Friday, 1 November 2013

Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead is very much alive in Honduras! By the end of October you’ll find street vendors selling flowers on each street corner. On November 2, people visit their loved ones at the cemetery, leaving flowers behind and often sharing a meal too between friends and family members.

In the Maya Chortí communities surrounding Copán Ruinas people still celebrate Tzikín: Every household builds an altar decorated with all kinds of leaves. When the altar is finished, it is “cleansed” by incense before food is placed on it: tamales, chicken, beef, bread, bananas, sweet potatoes, pieces of sugar cane, oranges, limes, tortillas, cheese and other local products.  People kneel down to pray in front of the altar on a carpet of pine needles. When the religious ceremony is over, children go from house to house asking while singing for a “Tzik’in”, some of the food displayed on the altar.