Friday, 28 June 2013

Land Surveys for Water Projects

Honduras Real Expeditions is hosting a group of US engineers this week, representatives of different institutions (such as Engineers without Borders and Rotary Club) doing land surveys for future water projects in the Marcala area  (La Paz, Honduras) with ADEC (Agua y Desarrollo Comunitario) as local counterpart. Much of the groundwork for the projects has already been done by ADEC, but it is necessary to verify elevation levels with a GPS total station to make sure the water system will actually function in the future. So armed with walking sticks, machetes, measuring tape and GPS equipment, the 8 engineers hiked up and down the mountains of three communities around Marcala as well as the community of Virginia in Copán Ruinas. Lost of slippery slopes, muddy boots and behinds, but the work got done!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Living the Experience

So what’s the latest in tourism? How to promote Honduras and the rest of Central America in those difficult times? How to “sell” our country to the rest of the world? Those were a few of the questions that were asked during the seminar led by Pablo Ramírez, tourism consultant from Chile who came to Copán Ruinas to work with all kinds of representatives of tourism from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. During three days of lively conferences and workshops, the participants learned to focus on offering an all-around experience, rather than selling a product. Just trying to sell our service or product is no longer sufficient; we have to offer our visitors a unique, personal and hands-on experience they will never forget, and working together with all sectors in the process.
Honduras Real Expeditions was there for the seminar and will surely put the lessons learned into practice…
Miguel Raymundo participating in the workshop on tourism

This seminar (June 12-14, 2013, at Hotel Marina) was organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Copán Ruinas, ProTour and Trifinio.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Coming soon....

Very soon we'll offer you here detailed descriptions of our services and travel experiences in Central America!